18 inch Hair Extensions

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18 inch Hair Extensions

An 18-inch hair length is a great option for women. You can't go wrong with a cut that falls below the shoulders and reaches a few inches below your chest. Choosing the length of your hair extensions is as simple as picking out your fantasy hair.

Hairstyle for your 18-inch hair extensions

This hairstyle will suit your 18-inch hair extensions. Follow the following steps to flaunt this look!

Twisted Crown

  1. Twisted crown will take a few minutes to rock this look. So, here we go!
  2. Separate your hair into two parts from front to the center of your head.
  3. This will make your hair separate into two parts.
  4. From the right side of your head, take a chunk of your hair.
  5. Separate this side into two strands.
  6. Flip one over both of these strands over one another.
  7. Continue this process till you reach half of your hair.
  8. Secure this with a rubber band.
  9. On the right side continue this process again and secure your hair with a rubber band.
  10. Now select both twisted hair and secure them with a bobby pin.

Your twisted crown is ready.

18 inches hair extensions are best to go with. Always stay within four inches of your natural hair length when purchasing hair extensions to extend the length of your hair for the most authentic mix. Between your natural hair length and the length of hair extensions, this will boost the fullness of your hair.