22 inch Hair Extensions

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22 inch Hair Extensions

22-inch hair extensions fall below the mid-back. 22-inch hair is trending all the time. However, this length looks tremendous on everyone. One word which everyone says while having a glance at you. Wow!

Hairstyle for 22-inch hair extensions

The following hairstyle looks trendy in every season on 22-inch hair extensions

Beach Waves

Beach waves are popular on 22-inch hair extensions. It makes you look gorgeous with those waves. However, beach waves would suit your style while going on a beach, casually dolled up for school or girls' date out.

Follow these easy steps to create this look:

  1. Spray your hair with a thickening spray or mousse after showering.
  2. Blow up and dry your hair upside down.
  3. Before curling, spray your hair and hair extensions with a heat protectant.
  4. Curl your hair in small portions with a curling wand or a three-barrel waver, spritzing with hairspray as you go
  5. Beach waves are not perfect as they may look messy to make you look adorable.

22-inch hair extensions are perfect for your everyday hairstyles. However, we provide you with the best quality which you need to avail yourself of your dreamy look. All in all, Sassina is here to solve your problem by serving you beat 22-inch hair extensions which you need!