Natural Hair

  1. Get Some Best Summer Hairstyles 

    During summer, most people prefer staying enthusiastic and excited to get out and enjoy the sun. However, most people find it difficult to manage their hair due to the heat. The perfect summer hairstyle needs multiple qualities – it should look good, and at the same time, it should be easy to carry along. When we discuss summer hairstyles, most tend to keep them short. We bring out the best way you can beat the heat this season, from the low pony to retro waves.

    • The Low Pony – It becomes quite difficult during the summer due to the temperature rise for long hair. To get relief from the heat, there’s an easy way to pull your hair high off your neck. However, recently the hottest trend is to swap your hair from a high pony to a low pony. The low pony is surely one of the best summer&
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  2. How to Choose The Right Hairstyle for You? 

    Who doesn't want to wake up every day with a perfect hair look! But, for that, you have to know some of the hair tricks to create a salon-style look at home. To be precise, any person with any face shape can opt for any hairstyle. But, if you need an expert's help to get a hairstyle that naturally suits your face shape, then you have landed at the right place! Here, in this blog, you will get answers to one of the top searched questions on Google: what hairstyle suits me? So, look no further!

    How do I know what hairstyle suits me?

    If you are getting bored of your average hairstyle, get a haircut now. You need to keep in mind the following things while sitting for a haircut from a stylist. 

    Tell your hairstylist about your lifesty

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  3. Hair Care: How to Maintain Your Naturally Curly Hair

    In evaluating fast hair, curly hair will be trendy and want clamminess and dry out productively, making it more outstanding to acknowledge. 

    The degree of wind in your hair is affected thru the technique of technique in your hair follicles. People with wavy hair will, in trendy, have a greater noteworthy oval or unbalanced follicle. This is directed thru the technique of technique in your innate characteristics. 


    Guidelines to conform to commonly curly hair 

    How to care for curly hairs? With curly hair, you'll typically want to zero in on items that help with moistness to the hair and stay far from any hair item to dry out or hassle hair. 


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  4. Cornrow Braids from Childhood to Adulthood and Using Them to Grow my Natural Hair

    About a foot away from my desk, a picture of a young girl in braids hangs on the wall. She looks about seven years old. Like bangs, the braids are cascading towards her face and there’s a white and a red barrette hanging midway on two of the braids. Though I can’t see them, braids are also at the back of her head because against her little nape, I can see beads at the ends of her hair.


    Hair grease and a kid in cornrows

    The little girl that I see in the photo, that’s me. I was smiling from ear to ear. I doubt I was smiling about my hairstyle, but I was always happy to get braids. Nostalgia. I clearly remember how my mother would sometimes lay me down across her lap, horizontally, while she braided my hair. Something about that experience always made me fall asleep and when I woke; my hair was done and forehead slightly greasy. I haven’t smelled Royal Crown hair grease in so many years, but if I were greeted

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  5. Why You Should Keep Natural Hair?

    It seems that everywhere you turn there are people with natural hair, right? The reason is quite simple. Natural hair is gorgeous and it is very noticeable. If you’re seriously considering going natural, worrying about the possibility of the natural hair trend fizzling out might worry you. First of all, growing out your natural hair is not a trend. It is a lifestyle, a movement.

    It is perfectly okay to think hard about your decision before taking scissors near your hair. You have to be ready physically and mentally for the huge step. But if you’re looking for cool reasons to embrace the movement, here are a few reasons why you should get in touch with your roots.

    Natural Hair

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