Are you currently rocking a natural textured wig and need some ideas about different ways to style it? Or perhaps you are thinking about purchasing some of these extensions but you’re worried about how to wear it as nobody wants their hair to look boring.

Well, fear not, because the ways that you can style your natural textured wigs and extensions are varied and extensive. Of course, your styling options would depend in part on the length of hair you have to work with and your installation method. They would also depend on the particular texture you choose, as some are resistant to heat while others are not.

But whatever your texture choices, take a look below at some hairstyles you can rock!

Braided Hairstyles

There is an endless number of braided hairstyles you can achieve using your purchased hair. Some of our favorites include French braids, fishtail braids, infinity braids and halo braids.

These styles have become very popular of late and can be found scattered all across social media. So if you’ve been dying to try any of these amazing braided hairstyles, using wigs and extension will give you the added hair needed to rock these braided looks and many more.

Half Up – Half Down

This is a simple, go-to hairstyle and the name basically says it all. Swoop the front half of your hair upward, secure it with an elastic and leave the back half down.

Many variations of this include wrapping the top half into a top knot bun and securing it with bobby pins or splitting the top half into two before wrapping and pining it. But whatever your method to wear this hairstyle, you can be sure that it will never go out of style!


A bun is another of those classic, timeless looks that women have been rocking for decades. You can choose to wear it high or low, tight or loose, but it won’t take you more than a few minutes to do.

Textured wigs and extensions will go a long way to adding size and volume to your bun. So if your dream has been to rock a larger than life bun pinned to the top of your hair, then, by all means, go for it now that you have the added hair to assist you!

Curly Hair

Wearing your hair curls if another great option for your natural textured wigs and extensions. However, when you’re in the mood for curls, you might want to consider using heatless methods to achieve these look.

Sure you want to look stylish, but you won’t want to ruin the hair either, so there are a few heatless styling options for you. These include installing Bantu knots, pin curls, a flexi rod set, curl formers or perm rods the night before, and then taking them down the next day to let your curls flow free.

Curl definition can also be achieved through twist outs and braid outs, and if you’re a natural then chances are that you already know what both these terms mean. But whatever the method of choice, getting curls on your natural textured wigs and extensions is as easy as 123!


Not to be confused with the sweet, tropical fruit, the pineapple is a way to rock the hair you purchased. Simply scoop the hair up to the very front of your hair and secure it in place. The ends are then left loose to fall forward and downward, and of course, you can also then curl the ends for added effect.

It would also be helpful to note that the pineapple hairstyle is a great way to secure your hair for the night, and can be worn both with and without a turban wrapped around it.


Updos are amazing and give women an instant elegant and classy look. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose, and would be appropriate for a variety of occasions ranging from work to special events.  

Many natural textured hair updo styles have worn by brides on their wedding day and have also been seen at red carpet events. They go well with dresses and well with jackets and all you need I to achieve these styles are practice, patience and a few bobby pins.

Short Hair Cuts 

These are perhaps the edgiest styles on the list and they are perfect for making a statement. Stand out from the crowd with any variation of bob cuts such as a blunt bob, a bob with bangs, an asymmetrical bob, A-line bob and soft blended bob

If you’re bolder, then you can cut the hair into a Mohawk hairstyle!

You can opt to leave the cutting up to a professional or to do it yourself while in the comfort of your own home. Just pull up a YouTube tutorial and rest assure that even if you make mistakes, it isn’t your hair that you are practicing with.


If you have extensions installed and you’re headed to the gym, then ponytails are a convenient way to wear your hair when you need to keep it tucked and out of the way. It’s a very basic style and is often worn by women when lounging around the house or when they have errands to run.


Headbands, wraps, and turbans are simple ways to jazz up your hairstyle when the mood strikes. They come in many different sizes, textures, prints, and colors, so no matter which outfit you plan to wear there is surely a turban out there to match.

They also offer versatility in how they can be worn in terms of the wrapping method. Add a pair of shades and a hat and you’re ready for that trip out of town. Add some earrings and lipstick and you’re ready for that special night out.


One of the easiest and most drastic ways to change the appearance of your wigs and extensions is by electing to dye the hair a different color. So once the texture allows it and you’re in the mood for it, then go ahead and color that bad boy up!

Many persons around the world select their hair colors depending on the season, with the more extreme colors such pinks and blues being saved for the summer months. So if you’ve been wanting to add color to your world, then go ahead and start picking out the perfect shade!

So as you can see, there are endless ways to style your natural textured wigs and extensions, so your options are in no way limited. Whether you want to wear it big, wear it straight, rock a curly fro or a huge afro, wigs and extensions can enhance your hairstyle even more and add flair to the overall look!