If you are a Natural, then chances are that you have heard the term ‘protective styling’ before. On the off chance that you haven’t, protective styling simply means using low manipulation or none manipulative hairstyles for a designated period of time, ranging anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Wigs and extensions are a great option for protective styling. However, there are so many types of hair currently flooding the market that it can be overwhelming to decide which texture if right for you. Do you want a straight hair or kinky hair? Do you want a wig that is easy to maintain or do you prefer one that offers versatility?

Whatever your needs, there are six different types of Kinky Curly Yaki textures to choose from, so your preferences would surely be accommodated. Let’s proceed to study each texture in further detail, so you will be better equipped to determine which would be right for you.  

Kinky Curly

If you have 3C hair or you want to get that 3C look, then this texture would be right for you. It is looser and has a defined curl pattern, not to mention that it offers a lot of versatility in terms of what you can do. Some persons choose to wear the hair as it, while others prefer to cut it into various styles and dye it.

But one thing remains universal; this texture is a fighter and will bounce back! Treat it as you would your own hair and the curls will be loyal to you. Finger detangle before co-washing (yes co-washing). There is no need to use a shampoo as the aim is to keep the curls soft to the touch.  However, you should deep condition every two weeks and air drying would be best for the hair.


Kinky Blow Out


Imagine thick, voluminous 4C hair blown straight and voilà… you have our Kinky Blow Out! This is a straight texture, but with the fullness and volume that would give you that ‘Big Hair’ look that most Naturals dream about. It is very sleek and you can achieve many of your usual hairstyles with this texture. Feel free to do you twist outs, Bantu knots, and even your pin curls.

You’ll also be pleased to know that unlike real 4C hair, this texture is tangle resistant and it isn’t known to shed.

A lot of product isn’t needed to achieve these great styles, and it is advisable that you use very little product with this texture. The only thing you’ll need on wash day is a good conditioner to co-wash with, after which you can blow dry on low heat to maintain the blown out effect.

Coarse Yaki

For those Naturals with type 4A and 4B hair, don’t worry as we haven’t forgotten you. Our Coarse Yaki mimics your textures and offers enough volume that you won’t despair. It isn’t too thick that it is difficult to manage, but neither is it flat and limp. It will offer you the smoothness of straight hair without being silky smooth like hair that is silk-pressed.

However, it should be noted that heat and this texture are not best friends. They do not play well together, so please air dry when you can. If you need your hair dried quickly, use your blow-dryer at low heat or use a hooded drying which dispels indirect heat.

Light Yaki

If you want to rock silky, straight hair then this texture would be perfect for you. It resembles relaxed African-American hair and has enough movement to make it look believable and realistic. Keep them guessing whether you have straightened your hair or if your natural hair is still underneath!

For best results, cowash or deep condition every week.

Afro Coily

If you’re searching for a curly texture that is universal to all curl patterns, then Afro Coily is just what you need. The beauty of this hair is that it is curly without subscribing to a particular curl pattern, so you’ll never have to worry if it would be the right fit for your natural hair.

Finger detangling would work best with this texture as you do not want to ruin the curls. You can even coat your fingers with a light layer of oil to aid the process. Using heat is not recommended, but you can cowash and deep condition as needed.

Afro Kinky Curly

If you have 4A hair or want to rock the 4A hair look then this texture will be a good option. This texture offers you very defined, tight curls that will bounce with every step that you take. Think big, fluffy, fabulous curls that is both voluminous and thick!

As with its predecessor, heat should be avoided on the Afro Kinky Curly texture. Co-washing and deep conditioning are also recommended to add moisture, while finger detangling should only be done on a need-to basis.



Protective styling should be a part of every Naturalista’s hair journey because it gives the hair a chance to grow undisturbed and allows you to retain more length. Also, it should be noted that this method isn’t only practiced by Naturals, but is in fact, universal to African/American women.

Persons with chemically treated hair who wish to ‘rest’ the hair for a while without doing too much have also been known to use protective styling. It should be noted that while the use of wigs and extensions aren’t the only method of protective styling out there, it is has become one of the most popular methods in recent years.

This protective styling method offers the most versatility, and as outlined above, there is a wide range texture to choose from. They can be used to enhance one’s appearance, switch things up, and will finally allow you to experiment with very natural looking hair.

This is why many persons consider wigs and extensions as the way to go!