Who doesn't want to wake up every day with a perfect hair look! But, for that, you have to know some of the hair tricks to create a salon-style look at home. To be precise, any person with any face shape can opt for any hairstyle. But, if you need an expert's help to get a hairstyle that naturally suits your face shape, then you have landed at the right place! Here, in this blog, you will get answers to one of the top searched questions on Google: what hairstyle suits me? So, look no further!

How do I know what hairstyle suits me?

If you are getting bored of your average hairstyle, get a haircut now. You need to keep in mind the following things while sitting for a haircut from a stylist. 

Tell your hairstylist about your lifestyle.

It matters to explain to your stylist your profession, your daily commute, your dressing style, and your everyday hairdo to help you get the most suitable hairstyle, which will make sense. For example, if you travel by two-wheeler daily, you can't let your hair loose, and that l may not be a feasible way to keep healthy hair. 

Don't be picky about the length of hair

If your hairstylist suggests chopping off some extra bit of length, please don't interrupt. If you are getting a skeptical attitude about reducing your hair length, it won't work. To have a different hair look, you need to abide by your hair expert for experimenting with your hair length. 

Stop dictating your stylist

Wherever you go for a haircut, keep faith in your stylist! You should simply sit for a healthy discussion and give your stylist a chance to share their new ideas. Instead of giving thorough instructions, let your hair expert talk to get you out of a boring hairstyle. 

Know your hair better

Get a clear idea from your hairstylist about your hair texture and the haircut which best suits your face shape. Then, tell your hair expert about your latest hair care regime so that he can suggest something better for your hair type. It's always good to get some unique hair care tips to flaunt your natural beauty a Lil bit more.

Listen to your inner self

Don't make any hasty decisions in a trice! If you are hesitant with your stylist's suggestion, clearly say 'no.' It won't be very wise to get a haircut out of fascination and regret later. Instead, be clear about your expectations and what hairstyle looks good on you. In the end, you are the one to decide your ultimate hairstyle. 

What hairstyle suits me quiz

Regardless of gender, we often think, "What hairstyle suits me?" Yet, that hair is the ultimate essence of our overall look. It makes a perfect frame for our face and displays our overall personality. So, if you find the best hairstyles which suit you, take the following quiz! 

1. How Do You Describe Yourself?

· Caring

· Conservative

· Stylish

· Bubbly

· Sturdy

2. What's Your Most Favorite Body Feature?

· Eyes

· Nose

· Lips

· Figure

· Face shape

3. What's Your Style?

· Aesthetic

· Modern

· Boho

· Vintage

· Experimental

4. What's The Shape Of Your Face?

· Round

· Diamond

· Square

· Oval

· Heart

· Long

5. How Much Time Do You Invest In Hair Care?

· Daily

· Once a week

· Twice monthly

· Monthly

· Once in a blue moon

6. How Do You Choose Your Hairstylist?

· Friend's recommendation

· Local salon

· Celebrity hair expert

· Same stylist for the longest time

7. Compared To Your Body, How's Your Head Size?

· Large

· Extra large

· Small

· Average

· Perfectly balanced

8. Which Hair Color Do You Like The Most?

· Natural black

· Brown

· Blonde

· Red 

9. What's Your Actual Hair Texture?

· Straight

· Curly

· Wavy

· Tightly curled

10. How Much Time Do You Spend On Regular Hair Doing?

· 5 minutes

· 15 minutes

· Half an hour

· Don't bother to fix it all

11. Which Hair Length Do You Prefer Most?

· Bald

· Small

· Medium

· Long

12. How Often Do You Trim Your Hair?

· Every other month

· Every three months

· Six months

· Once a year

13. Are You Ok With Experimenting With Your Haircut?

· Little bit hesitant

· Ready to adapt well

· Don't like any experiment at all

· Common haircut 

14. What Are You Like Most About Your Hair?

· Texture

· Color

· Length

· Thickness

15. How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

· Daily

· Every other day

· 2 to 3 times a week

· Once a week

16. How Much Money Do You Spend On Hair?

· Very little

· Average

· A handsome amount

· Not at all

17. What Do You Put The Most On Your Hair?

· Oil

· Shampoo

· Gel

· Conditioner

· Cream

18. How Often Do You Use Hair Styling Tools?

· Daily

· Weekly

· 2-3 times a week

· Occasionally

· Rarely

19. How Often Do You Brush Your Hair?

· Once-daily

· 2-3 times daily

· Too much

· Don't know exactly

20. What Type Of Beauty Do You Admire The Most?

· Natural

· Classic

· Sophisticated

· Modern

People like you tend to struggle to get answers to the question of "what hairstyle suits me"! Most people unknowingly forget to determine their face shape and hair texture, the two most vital steps while choosing the right hairstyle. Just because you are getting inspired by seeing a celebrity hairstyle doesn't mean it will be a good fit for you also! If you want to be a fashionista without a second thought, immediately consult an expert hairdresser or hairstylist. Make them aware of your personal preference and your comfort level to experiment with your hair. Let your hair romance with you!