Colored Hair Extensions Tape in

While purchasing hair extensions customers ask,can I get colored hair extensions or can I change the color of my hair extensions? Yes, wearing extensions can help you to maintain your coloring routine.

Simply we tell you hair extensions and hair color becomes the perfect combination. But remember, to keep some conditions in your mind. When coloring your hair extensions keep in mind whether the color matches or not. We also suggest you to select a color that matches your natural hair.

Coloring Hair Extensions

If you have never worn hair extensions and this is the first time to wear hair extensions, choose a color that matches your hair color and texture. And, to make it clear, you can color your hair extensions but make sure don't choose the color that doesn't match your hair color.

Remember: Only Remy Hair extensions are used for coloring and don't use different colors, color it only with the same color.

Choosing colored hair extensions

Colored extensions can solve your problem. When searching for a product and changing your look quickly colored extensions are best for you. Sassina has a wide range of colors and choices including balayage, highlights, blonde, ombre, black and brown. In our range of products, we have different shapes and cuts with different lengths and volumes.

What is Best for You

Artificial hair extensions are not designed in a way to color. In contrast, you can color your Remy human hair extensions but only the same color or only dark colors. We do not advise you to apply light color to your hair extensions. But, if you still want to change the color, apply it first on a hair strand and check the outcome. If it reacts well then go for it. But, the best option is to choose colored hair extensions to transform your look.