Full Heah Hair Extensions

Full head hair extensions mean the customer has thin hair or makes its hair thicker and longer. It depends on the customer's requirements. However, a customer can need 5 to 9 packs of clip-in full head hair extensions. Mostly, one pack contains 20 strands with 1g per strand.

If your hair has length coming on shoulders 5 to 6 packs are enough to blend easily with your natural hair making it look real and easy carrying overall.

For a bob cut, 10 to 12 packs are required to blend easily to get a natural look.

Most of the clients need 5 packs to wear full head hair extensions. It depends on length and thickness. So, a customer must know about the product and needs a proper consultation.

Clip-in hair extensions for thin hair

If you don't need thick hair or hair down then the occipital bone needs 50 to 60 strands. The strands need to be applied from the occipital up to the crown. The clip-in hair extensions are easily attached and removed wearing them on the full head.

If you need thick hair, it requires 60 to 80 strands from the occipital bone to the crown.

Note that: Using hair extensions for a full head depends on the length and volume you have. Normally, 5 to 6 packs are enough, but it depends on what your client has. If you have thin or short hair you need more packages. If thin hair then fewer packages.

Why do we use full head hair extensions?

One of the main reasons to wear full head hair extensions is to increase the length of your hair and hide the bad haircut that disturbs you. Full head hair extensions are available in several colors and shades to add volume and style to your natural hair.