Hair Extensions Before and After

What you should know before and after hair extensions

If you feel bad because you do not have volume in your hair and you do not show the lush and sexy mane that you have always wanted, there is a solution for you. Many people who previously felt like you have decided to use natural hair extensions. If you are also considering using them, you should know the use of hair extensions before and after, because they will undoubtedly change your life. They will give you confidence and security in yourself like nothing else has given you before.

That is why in this article we will talk about everything you need to know about 18 inch hair extensions before and after.

What should you take into account before using hair extensions?

The extensions will help us solve some problems such as lack of volume or hair that takes too long to grow. And already many women are turning to extensions to solve these problems. People who suffer from hair loss, alopecia, or little hair have found relief with the use of extensions. Thus they have been able to counteract this loss of natural absence of hair. If the same thing happens to you or your hair takes a long time to grow or you feel a terrible regret after a cut, extensions are also the solution for you.

Hair extensions are just what you need because they add volume to your hair, but without damaging it. Treat yourself and put on some extensions to feel satisfied with yourself. Using them will give you confidence in yourself and the healthy self-esteem necessary to be happy. And there is nothing like a long, voluminous mane to make you feel attractive and sexy. 

In addition, hair extensions allow you to make many beautiful hairstyles, worthy of Instagram, that you could not do without extensions.

But before buying hair extensions you must take into account several factors that will help you make a smart purchase. For example, the quality of the hair, the color, the length, the grams you will need, the use you will give them, the placement that is most comfortable for you, and the best place to buy them. But we will not leave you alone in this.

What should you do now that you already use extensions?

After you have gone through the selection process and you are already feeling happy with your new look, you should take care of both your hair and the extensions. The extensions make you feel sure of yourself because with them you look like you've always dreamed of. For that same reason, it is necessary that you are not going to lose what you have achieved only by carelessness. Now I will show you what care your hair needs so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

Take care hair extensions before and after use

If you want your extensions to look natural, healthy, and shiny, you must provide them with the care they need. Care begins with proper washing with the right products. You must hydrate and nourish them frequently. You should also dry them, comb them and style them appropriately so that you maximize their duration. To know more about the care they need, see our article Duration of hair extensions. There you can see how long each type of extension lasts and how to properly maintain it.

If they are temporary, do not wash them when you have them on and never sleep with them. Taking them off to wash or sleep will help you keep them beautiful for a long time.

Do not forget that you must also nourish and protect your hair and scalp. Use hydrating and strengthening masks. Irresponsible and careless use of extensions can affect the natural growth of your hair. Hence the importance of giving them the care they need, both to the extensions and your hair.