220g Clip In Extensions Highlights

Hair extensions for volume

Are you looking to dabble with your hairstyle? Hair extensions add instant volume, body, and length. However, you can also clip in hairpieces for volume if you so desire, and with so many choices available, it may not be easy to filter through hair extensions for volume not length, and also hair extensions to add volume and select the ones that fit your desired style and budget.

Sassina clip-in extension set is made up of wefts of varying lengths. A polyurethane top is used, as are very tiny clips coated with silicone, which allow the clip-in extensions to stay in place with very little backcombing required.

Finally, the ultimate pair of 100% invisible, unobtrusive clip-ins hair extensions for volume that will not harm your hair.

Hair extensions for volume

When most people think about hair extensions, they envision adding length to their hair. But what if you primarily have thin hair and don't want to add hair extensions to your hair—just volume?

What if you have short hair, love your hair length, and want to add some hair extension for volume to your hairstyle? The wonderful thing about hair extensions is that they can be tailored to your specific hair needs. Don't care about length? Not a problem!

Sassina Hair Extensions for volume are ideal since they can be used on any hair type. So whether you have a lob, hair of average thickness, or medium length hair, all it takes is a few snips and bright clipping to obtain huge, voluminous hair in a matter of minutes without increasing length or, of course, harming your hair.

How to Cut Hair Extensions

Trimming your whole collection of hair extensions is not required. Depending on your hair type, a few wefts might significantly impact the thickness of your hair; but, if you want massive volume, we recommend trimming the entire set!

Make your hair straight

Before cutting the extensions, you should straighten your hair to match the texture of the extensions to add volume. This ensures that the length of the extensions you cut is correct; otherwise, when you style the extensions, they would seem shorter than you initially anticipated.

Your extensions should be trimmed weft for weft

To trim your hair extensions so that they are the same length as your natural hair, we recommend clipping them in weft by weft and trimming off the extra length each time, rather than snipping off a large piece of hair at once, and then clip in hairpieces for volume.

Patience is essential in this situation! If you have layered hair, follow the length of the layers, cutting each weft a bit shorter the higher up on your head it is clipped in so you can have hair extensions for volume.

To guarantee that the wefts you are cutting seem natural, we recommend first cutting the hair horizontally to ensure that the weft is straight, leaving the weft approximately half an inch longer.

Then, using your scissors, snip vertically down the edge of the fabric to feather the ends. This will make the weft's ends seem more natural than excessively blunt as the natural hair grows.