Pixie Human Hair Extensions

If you are recently done with pixie cuts and suddenly miss your long hair, extensions will solve your problem if you are lacking hair length. Let's learn how it will help. It is quite tricky but it will work.

How to hair extensions for pixie cuts

Lacking hair! Don't worry Sassina has designed hair extensions for pixie cuts. How to wear them come and discuss. Pixie cuts make your hair short, but if you desire again for long hair, hair extensions will solve your problem and don't make you realize you have done an awful decision.

The first step before putting your clip in hair extensions is to apply the gel of your choice on your natural hair. When you apply gel the parts of your hair stick out while applying for hair extensions, they look seamless and look more natural.

The seamless hair extensions are designed for short and thin hair. They are light in weight and you can easily carry them.

Make sections of your hair where to put layers and it depends on your hair shapes like how to stick hair in extensions on bangs or side cuts. Now see how the hair extensions can stick to your hair.

Pro tip: Don't make thick sections, it can not cover your clips of the hair extensions.


We offer a wide range of pixie cut hair extensions in different sizes and colors. However, when you scroll through our website you see different colors from black to ash gray, balayage, and highlights. We work for customer satisfaction and provide the best hair extensions made by Remy's hair. The seamless hair extensions are designed for pixie cuts and they will add volume and length to your hair. How it is applied we have also discussed. Go and choose what's best for you and enjoy the events.