Professional Hair Extensions

Professional hair in extensions is mainly recommended by hairstylists delivering a natural look. They have different prices and quality. They are used on a short and long-term basis. Wearing professional hair in extensions is important to have a different look with amazing styles.

How much does professional hair cost?

Professional hair costs $200 to $ 600 depends on the quality and product. Tape in hair extensions costs $200 while $ sew-in and glued hair extensions lie in the range of $300 to $600.But professional glued hair extensions lie in the range of $600 to $3000 for long permanent, fusion extensions.

Professional clip-in extensions lie in the range of $100 to $500.It is designed for thick and medium hair. But you cannot wear them for more than one year. It's easy to wear and remove. Clip-in hair extensions do not damage your hair. But it can slip when you put more clips in hair extensions and cause bald spots.

Tape-in hair extensions lie in the range of 200+. It's suitable for thin hair, putting on 10 to 15 hair extensions can give a natural look. It's easily attached and removed without any damage. Lasts for 6 to 8 weeks, you can reuse them after removing them.

Sew in extensions: Mostly the price of sewing in extensions is $275+. It's suitable for thick hair. Easy to attach and the price is affordable. Heat can damage hair extensions and can break anytime.

Fusion hair extensions are professional hair extensions that range up to $200 to $600. It has a professional look and suits all hair types. The bonds of extensions are not visible but without the help of a professional removing hair extension can lead to hair damaging and weakening.

Micro bread extensions: It is the best quality having a professional look mainly designed for thin hair. It needs extra care and maintenance after every two months. You cannot attach or remove it by yourself, the professionals handle them very well.

Home hair extensions vs professional hair in extensions 

Clip-in hair extensions are not professionally used. In contrast, tape-in,  extensions, fusion hair extensions are professionally used. Clip-in hair extensions are weft of hair which you can use on your own and also tape in is easy to use; attached near the roots of the hair. 

Clip-in hair extensions are budget-friendly but they need technical use and it needs the help of professionals to attach and remove them. Without using it technically or wearing it off can make your natural hair roots weak. But it has an advantage; after knowing the process of clip-ins technically they are easy to carry.

 What professionals recommend?

If you are searching for short term solution with a professional look tape in hair extensions is best recommended by a professional with a user-friendly touch. It does not damage hair with a professional result and high quality. So, you can wear them by yourself and reapply them afterward. Unlicensed stylists, who have done short courses apply clip-ins that can easily slip out of your hair. But professionals recommend tape-ins for a natural look.