Real Hair for Extensions

Real Hair for Extensions

Everyone wants real hair for extensions with supreme quality. But these are terms and conditions of how you get real hair for extensions, to make extensions from real hair you must be conscious of the social and environmental impacts. Hair extension is now a requirement for people to wear in different styles and to hide short or thin hair. Keep in mind don’t steal the hair and we use the hair which is donated. Now here we say what is real human hair extensions how are promising in quality.

When customers tend to buy hair extensions, they first want to know about the quality which means their main focus is on maintaining long last hair extensions that do not tangle and easy to wear at parties and with a perfect shine. But keep in mind, real hair for extensions goes with the different production processes. In real human hair extensions, you can find hair extensions with different styles and colors:

Real hair extensions fall into two categories:

Remy hair: It’s occurred from a hair donor, which is collected and tied together and goes with a chemical process. 

Virgin hair: The hair is not chemically processed and it is superior to Remy's hair and the high-class people demand pure virgin hair. 

What is the production process?

The process goes through three steps and your real hair in extensions comes in shape, here we go with the procedure:

Raw materials

When you read the word raw material, Remy human hair clicks in your mind. Yes, it's all that, and Remy's hair is the important part of delivering high quality with integral cuticles. Its Cuticle is the outermost part of the hair that protects your hair. However, an intact cuticle assures you the hair extensions last for long. In contrast, some suppliers deliver poor quality mixing animal hair or fallen hair.

Manufacturing process

In the second phase, the initial color is removed. For extracting the natural pigment, natural hair is put into an oxidant solution and washed which takes up to 20 to 25 days until all the natural pigment extracts. If this process is slower, there are least chances the cuticles can get damaged. If the cuticles are present in the shaft the hair looks real and natural.

Real hair extensions go from a long process with premium quality. There is no shortcut to getting real hair extensions at a cheap price. We believe in delivering the best quality to get a perfect touch and make customers satisfied.

This process is known as de-pigmentation. Moreover, the second stage is pigmentation where the hair is colored and created into a shape.

Maintaining and Controlling

In the end, a skilled person checks either all the process is on the right path or not. It ensures the proper maintenance and implementation during the production stages from start to end. Just keep in mind there is no shortcut for getting perfect real hair extension without going from each and every step carefully.