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Safest Hair Extensions for African American

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Choose Safest Hair Extensions for your fine hair to give them volume

Having fine hair quickly becomes a handicap if you want to change your hairstyle and especially choose voluminous cuts. Fortunately, hair extensions solve this problem.

What are the causes for which you have thin hair?

The first step is to distinguish between fine hair and thinning hair.

Fine hair

Thin hair is less than the average thickness and gives the illusion that it is thinner. They look more like a baby's hair and easily show the scalp.

Having fine hair is a matter of heredity. If one of your parents has thin hair, let alone both, you may have thin hair.

Thinning hair

You may have normal hair that gets thinner over time. Hair is constantly renewed, but this regeneration slows down with age and becomes less dynamic. In women, it is also necessary to take into account the influence of hormones, especially after childbirth or at the time of menopause.

Whether your hair is fine, or gradually thinning out, whatever you do and how much care you give it, it will stay fine. They appear flat and you are limited in the type of hairstyle to adopt. So you need to give them volume, which is possible by using the safest hair extensions.

Remedy Thin Hair Problems With Hair Extensions

Unlike extensions which are intended to lengthen your hair, the application of extensions on fine hair is intended to give it volume. Concretely, instead of putting a hundred extensions, you will only need about fifty to obtain voluminous hair which will bring you all the material to then style them according to your desires.

For women with fine hair, it is advisable to opt for hairfest extensions for fine hair. If instead, we are talking about thick hair, it is best to choose "micro ring" or sewn extensions. And if it is an African type of hair, we can choose the knot extensions without fear of damaging them or stitched them. There are three solutions you have to deal with your thin hair problem: Ultrasonic Cold Hair Extension Placement, Ring Cold Placement, and Adhesive Extensions Placement (which will require two packs of extensions, instead. usually three when you want to add length).

If this is the first time that we are going to use the safest hair extensions for fine hair, we can use the clip-on, removable, as an introduction. If we decide on a more durable solution, we can try the adhesive extensions for their comfort and ease when placing them. And, if we are looking for durable and quality extensions, it is best to opt for keratin ones, which are placed in professional salons.

In general, the extensions are suitable for all types of hair, except for cases with loss problems. Therefore, when it comes to the professional placement of hair extensions, a prior counseling session will always be necessary. In it, the expert will advise us on whether or not it is appropriate to use extensions, the most appropriate type in each case, and the amount necessary to obtain the desired result.