Thick Clip In Hair Extensions

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Thick Hair Extensions 100% Human Remy Hair

Sassina offers thick hair extensions with ultra volume and length. Most girls wish to get thick hair but the hair is rough and damaged so in the end, your hairstylist needs to cut your hair. To cut your hair, it gets short and the volume also decreases.

Weight and Length of Thick Hair Extension

When customers request to get thick hair instead of normal hair extensions, in this case, we have also offered extra weight and volume with ultra variations. The weight is around 240 to 280 grams. A normal single shaft weighs 10 grams. Also, we satisfy you with extra length. Customers wish to get long and thick hair. Sassina designs such products as well. Our priority is customers first.

Thick Clip in Hair Extension

Clips in hair extensions are the temporary hair extensions applied and removed whenever you want. They are available in various colors and wide shafts. However, the ultra volume and length are offered at Sassina with a glamorous look.

Thick ponytail hair extensions

Thick ponytails are a major demand of customers under the age of 18-35. The thick ponytail looks classy with curly ends or straight from roots to tips. Sassina has designed wide ponytails with extra volume according to your needs.

Thick Remy Hair Extensions

If you have average or thin hair, we offer Remy human hair extensions with extra volume. Our natural hair becomes thin due to hair fall, roughness and split end. Here ladies wish to get thick hair that looks natural. The range of Remy hair extensions has wide shafts up to 3 inches that look super cool and natural and help to transform your look.

Thick hair extensions depend on the volume of shafts attached to the wefts of hair extensions.Clip-in hair extensions are easy to apply and removed.Maké sure you consider seamless hair extensions that have low weight and are easy to carry.