16 inch Hair Extensions

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16 inch Hair Extensions

16-inch hair extensions have a length that reaches the shoulder and is below the collarbone. However, 16-inch hair extensions look classic. Selecting Sassina's hair extensions is a great choice for you to spend your money. Ladies! You will never regret choosing Sassina's hair extensions.

16-inch categories available with Sassina

  • Clip-in hair extensions
  • Tape hair extensions
  • Halo hair extensions

Suggestions for selecting 16-inch hair extensions

Sassina gives you the most natural blend, keeping your hair within two inches of your actual hair. Our 16-inch hair extensions are intended to give volume to your hair rather than length. However, the natural hair should be less than 16 inches to blend with your hair extensions. This will make your hair look without being attached by extensions. All in all, our 16-inch hair extensions are the best choice to flaunt your look!

16-inch hair extensions are of medium length which will suit your look. It gives a classic appearance that will make your day amazing. We recommend ordering an additional pack of hair extensions if you want your hair to be longer than four inches. Between your natural hair length and the length of hair extensions, this will boost the fullness of your hair.