1. Cornrow Braids from Childhood to Adulthood and Using Them to Grow my Natural Hair

    About a foot away from my desk, a picture of a young girl in braids hangs on the wall. She looks about seven years old. Like bangs, the braids are cascading towards her face and there’s a white and a red barrette hanging midway on two of the braids. Though I can’t see them, braids are also at the back of her head because against her little nape, I can see beads at the ends of her hair.


    Hair grease and a kid in cornrows

    The little girl that I see in the photo, that’s me. I was smiling from ear to ear. I doubt I was smiling about my hairstyle, but I was always happy to get braids. Nostalgia. I clearly remember how my mother would sometimes lay me down across her lap, horizontally, while she braided my hair. Something about that experience always made me fall asleep and when I woke; my hair was done and forehead slightly greasy. I haven’t smelled Royal Crown hair grease in so many years, but if I were greeted

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  2. Hair Guide: Natural Hair Types

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    Just as everyone is made unique and different, curly hair is the same way. Even if we share having naturally curly hair not all curly hair is the same. What works for one curly haired person may not work for someone else, why is that? Our genes, hormones, health, and environment all play a role in the type of curly hair you have. The reason why curly hair differs from person to person depends on hair porosity, curl pattern, density, and elasticity. Understanding your curly hair can help manage and grow

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  3. 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wig

    If you are uninitiated in wig-wearing, getting a wig for the first time can be daunting,10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wig.
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  4. Best Products to Use on Natural Texture Wigs and Extensions

    Here are our top product recommendations for natural texture wigs and extensions.
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  5. How to Care for Your Natural Hair When You’re Wearing Protective Styles

    Protective styles give you a break from styling your own natural hair and help you switch up your looks.
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  6. 8 Easy Tips for Maintaining Healthy 4C Hair

    How to maintain healthy 4C hair?You’re about to get tips on how to achieve your 4C hair goals this year!
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  7. 10 Ways to Style Your Natural Textured Wigs and Extensions

    Are you currently rocking a natural textured wig and need some ideas about different ways to style it?
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  8. Natural Hair: Why You Need Gorgeous Wigs in Winter

    Make your 2018 fabulous by reading these reasons for investing in beautiful natural hair wigs.
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  9. How to Hydrate and Moisturize You Natural Hair

    This article sheds light on how important it is to hydrate the hair and the most effective methods to achieve this goal.
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  10. Protective Style Options: Ranging from Hair Extensions to Twist Outs

    The beauty of using protective styles is that your options are limitless.
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