Hair extensions are made of two types: natural and synthetic. Natural hair is gotten from the hairs of humans. 

These hair have better quality and durability, and one also enjoys the freedom to customize it the way they desire. 

On the other hand, synthetic hair does not award the enormous benefits and flexibility of those mentioned above, but it is a very affordable hair type.

Moreover, it is not mandatory that you make use of an extension, it is a personal choice, and Individual choices differ based on lifestyle and hair needs because there are different kinds of hair extensions. Also, the best hair extensions will depend on your current hair situation. 

Nevertheless, extensions offer a great solution to women willing to add more volume and length to their hair. 

Apart from this reason, women use extensions because:

• They want to change the existing look of their hair.

• They desire to add a fringe or a pop of color to hair.

• Also, to give bounce to regular hair.

Subsequently, there are different hair extensions, and each one varies in terms of cost and quality. So you can always choose any extension that suits you.

Now, what are the different kinds of hair extensions and the different types of sew-ins?:

Clip-in hair extensions 

These are temporary extensions, and they come in a strand of contoured pieces, attached at the base with either fabric or silicone. Its application is very easy and can be done without the help of a professional.

Also, they are the least damaging because they don't involve any chemicals, heat, pressure, or other installation methods. 

For the most, it can be applied in 5 to 10mins and can hold up for about five to ten days. Its durability is 6months and most times even longer.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

A stylish apply these types of hair extensions. They come in the form of small wefts that need to be applied or taped on either side of your existing hair. 

It is required that it aligns carefully to your hair roots with the help of a heated tool that heats the glue. 

Conversely, due to the heat and glue needed when in an application, it damages the hair.

It can hold up to four to six weeks and takes about 40mins during the application; also, you can reuse this extension.

Weave or Sew-in Hair Extensions 

These extensions are fixed by braiding them to your natural hair and sewing them into the hair. There are different types of curly weave hairstyles.

They are the permanent type of extensions and comes in wig form. 

Moreover, with the different kinds of sew-ins techniques and curly weave hairstyles, the attention of an experienced stylist is required for its installation. 

It is, however, recommended that you take off the wig in 6 or 8weeks, especially if trying to grow your natural hair; you can apply it within an hour or two.

Lace wigs

They are handmade extensions and are made using a cap and a thin lace.

The thin lace is stitched on the top portion of the cap, and hair strands are sewn into the thin lace.

You can also form a new hairline on your scalp if you are using a lace wig.

These extensions are easy to maintain and can be applied at home.

It can hold up to 6months if maintained properly, and it is installed within 15minutes.

Micro link or cold fusion hair extensions

They are individual tips of hair extensions attached to tiny wefts of hair. The tips are designed in neat rows around the head, and the beads are colored to match your hair.

It is advised to reapply after 6-10weeks, and after application, it is instructed that you wait for 48 hours after having your hair colored to have individual micro links applied, or you risk the extensions becoming loose. 

Ponytail hair extensions

Women should attain more hair volume on the head; they are easy to apply.

One needs to attach it with the extension's belt crown, which can be installed within 15minutes and durable for a year.

In summary, if you desire durability, it is advisable to maintain any hair, natural or synthetic, you lay your hands on. You can do this by using good recommend hair oil, shampoos, and conditioner for that hair type.