Double Weft Hair Extensions

Double Weft Clip In Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are strands of synthetic or human hair that are added to a client's hair using a variety of methods. These methods include clip-on, seamless application, gluing, fusing, braiding, and weaving. Although hair extensions are often applied by a hairstylist, for most of these methods, some girls apply them themselves at home using simpler methods like double weft clips.

However, if your customer comes to you with questions about maintaining and installing extensions, having the right information on hand is essential. For example, human hair extensions can be styled with heat; Synthetic hair extensions generally cannot take the heat, so it is best not to blow dry them or use a flat iron on them. Hair extensions made from either type of hair can be cut to form a style, but in most cases, those made from human hair are best for styles that include layers or defined bangs.

Clip-in hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are really popular around the world because of their ability to quickly and easily transform their looks. In any case, it goes well with any hairstyle. Now own hair extension clip with high-quality expansion product which is 100% artificial Remy hair. Experience incredibly soft and manageable hair for a lifetime. There are many colors that excite you, from the brightest blondes to ebon colors, and two-tone hair that will embellish your crown.

Choosing the appropriate thickness for naturally thick or medium density will be 200-220 grams of hair, you will be able to choose double weft hair extensions, because being made of two wefts of hair sewn together, you will get twice as much of hair and therefore thick.

One of the biggest benefits of having thick hair is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling. Thick hair allows for a multitude of different hairstyles.

To properly lay your double weft clip in hair extensions, start at your earlobe and work your way up in rows to your temples. This allows you to instantly add length and volume by easily combining your hair and extensions, resulting in a more natural look.

Band Extensions

When it comes to tape extensions, the amount you need is relatively large and depends on two factors - how thick your own hair is and how much volume you want. If you add too many extensions it will look unusually thick, and if you add too few, you will end up with uneven ends and strands that stand out under your natural hair.

If your hair is thicker than average you may need 250g and sometimes even 300g of hair, however, it is always best to see a specialist who will examine your hair and give you the exact amount of hair you need. you will need for the look you want, and yes because where the expected hairstyles, will determine the number of strands needed.

When choosing tape extensions, you must remember that the hairstyle or cut you choose will play an important role in choosing the extensions.


Explain the different ways extensions can be applied to the hair and show your clients examples of application methods so they can make the best choice for their hair type and style desired. Some clients may have sensitive scalps and if you use the weaving method for hair extensions it can cause some discomfort. Be clear on the methods of removing extensions and how the client's extensions and natural hair should be cared for to keep her hair healthy and to keep the extensions to their advantage as long as possible.