Natural Human Hair Extensions


Choosing to Do Hair Extensions? Good idea! Hairdressing trends change with the different seasons. Cuts fashionable in winter will no longer be fashionable in summer. Following the trend then turns out to be difficult. However, methods have been developed to keep women in fashion all year round. Among them are natural hair extensions. This is a concept that allows you to go from short hair to long hair in just a few hours. On the other hand, several types of poses can be practiced. It will then be necessary to choose the best for the change to take place. Our site puts hair extensions on the same level that the cuts, we are fans since the first hour and we will regularly change our look in the hairdressing salon.

Hair extensions

Making an extension involves adding strands of hair to the hair. This method is often used in order to lengthen them or to have more volume. Different techniques are used to pose them. In general, we often speak of occasional or permanent installation. The difference then lies in the length of time during which they will be worn. There are also natural black hair extensions with adhesive strips that can be done by yourself or at the hairdresser. It can also be carried out with keratin, cylindrical cold, with clips. These require more details and should be done by the installer. Weaving can also be done to have long hair. The latter involves making plated braids where the extensions will be sewn. They also differ in color and length. You can also find some with natural beaded row extensions, synthetic hair, etc. These are different criteria to take into account to make the best choice.

Choose the ideal product and technique

Different criteria must be seen before choosing natural looking hair extensions. Of course, you have to opt for quality products. It is then recommended to use those made from natural hair. They will have less effect on your hair and will be closest to the condition of your hair. It will be necessary to check with the seller to avoid falling on fake products. Hair length and color are also important points for this purchase.

Depending on the length you want to take after the extension, that of the extension will have to be proportional. It will also depend on your current haircut. Straight, tapered, gradient, etc., the length needed will be different to obtain the desired rendering. However, it is possible to cut the extensions to have the ideal cut. Take margins against this criterion to reduce the risk of bad choices. It is also necessary to check the thickness thanks to the grammages so that it is more or less relative to that of your hair. Color is of paramount importance. It will make it possible to obtain homogeneity and obtain a natural effect after installation.

Extensions should be the same color as your hair. At least, you have to buy those with a shade that comes close to it. This condition is valid as much for natural color or with colored hair. Once these choices have been made, the technique used for the installation must be selected. The first question to ask then concerns the duration of the extension. The methods used will be different for occasional or permanent installation. For example, natural hair clip ins and adhesive tapes are used for a period of days. While the hot and cold poses will last longer or even months. Everything will depend at this stage on the desired use.

Give nature a helping hand

As the name suggests, they are mainly used to change your hairstyle by adding lengths to her short hair. They also allow you to follow the latest trends regardless of the season. Indeed, they can be styled as well as natural hair. You can also choose a haircut. It is possible to tint them as desired. They also allow you to obtain a little more volume for your hair, especially if you have fine hair. You can also use this method to cover up a failed hairstyle. Applying extensions will allow you to change your look overnight as you wish. It will run for approximately 5 hours. In addition, this operation can be done for any type of hair. You can also easily wash them like natural hair. You even need to take care of them every day to keep them silky and hold. They offer perfect ease of use. You just have to choose the ones that will be suitable.