Permanent hair extension

You must have heard about permanent hair extensions.

They will remain in a shape for you from 4 weeks to over. But with proper care, it can go long for six months.

Types of permanent hair extensions

You can go through the several types of permanent hair extensions and check out what is best to select.

Keratin hair extension

Keratin hair extensions have U tip. The keratin extensions are bonded up with silicone in a queue and the silicone is tied up with your nat74al hair. The hairstylist goes on with a technical process, putting your hair between the U Tip and after that, they will seal your hair with keratin bonds.

Micro link hair extension

The second category to be considered permanent Hair extensions are micro link hair extensions. In this category, the strands are together attached with your hair. If you need permanent hair extensions and love to highlight them then micro link hair extensions are best. Just visit your hairstylist after every 6-8 weeks.

Tape-in extensions

In our previous blogs, we have discussed what is tape in hair extensions and they are categorized as permanent hair extensions that stick hard between your natural hair. After knowing the technique, one can install it within an hour. The polyurethane tape can be removed from your hair using a glue remover.

More About permanent hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions is best for thin hair. In this case, if you want permanent hair extensions for thin hair seamless tape in hair extensions will satisfy you with the best touch and doesn't damage your hair. Highlights, balayage, ombre shades are also available starting from just $100.Permanent hair extensions need proper maintenance and the cost is also a little high. But if you need permanent hair extensions visit Sassina for a glamorous range.