How to Put Natural Clip-ins to Extend Hair Length

Natural clip-ins are quickly gaining more and more popularity. Apart from their numerous benefits, they are super easy to apply.

Regardless of your hair type, length, and need, you can easily find hundreds of clip-ins for natural hair. Improve your hair’s length and volume effortlessly by learning how to put natural clip-ins.

Here we’ve made an easy-to-follow guide to putting natural curly hair clip-ins, as well as naturally straight hair clip-ins:

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions refer to separate pieces of hair that you can add to your natural hair to enhance its volume and length. You can find hair extensions in an array of sizes, types, colors, and brands to ensure you find the perfect one.

Clip-in hair extensions typically consist of 7 to 10 pieces of several width hair wefts. Thus, these wefts help increase the length and fullness of your natural hair by blending human or synthetic hairpieces. These are often clipped, glued, or sewn into their place.

Step to Step Guide to Adding Natural Clip-Ins in Your Hair

Here’s how you can blend a natural curly clip-in or straight clip-in:

Step # 1: Adding the First Weft

Comb your natural hair to make sure they are dry and tangle-free. Lay your extensions flat on a clean surface and comb it to ensure no tangles. Next, follow the steps below:

  • Place your finger on both sides of your hairline at least an inch below your ear
    Separate this hair and secure them at the top in a ponytail or clip
    Extension sets generally boast two to three wefts for the back of the head. Select the smallest weft and clip it onto your hair
    Start with the middle clip and ensure it’s close to the roots
    Consider adding hairspray to your hair to make sure the extensions don’t fall out
    After the middle clip is secure, use two more clips and put them close to your face. Avoid bunching the weft

Step # 2: Blending the Second Longest Weft

Pick the second longest weft of your naturally curly or straight hair extensions clip-in and attach it the same way as above.

First, attach the middle clip, and then move to the side clips. Place them close to your face for a more natural look. Remember, if your hair is clean and newly washed, you’ll have to tease the hair where you’ll secure the clips.

Step # 3: Attaching the Wefts on the Sides of Your Hair

Usually, natural clip-ins extensions come with 2 to 4 wefts that have the same width. Secure these wefts to the sides of your hair by attaching the first clip close to your face.

Attach the remaining clips towards the back of your head until the weft finishes. You must follow the entire process again to attach clip-ins to the other side of your head.

Step # 4: Securing the Smallest Wefts

Lastly, you’ll be left with 2 to 4 small wefts no more than an inch wide. Secure these pieces on the front of your head and start by clipping the gaps.

Attaching these filler pieces mostly depends on your natural haircut. Just lift a couple of inches of your front hair to blend the weft with the help of the clips.

Try blending your naturally curly hair clip-ins or straight hair clip-ins by braiding the extensions with your natural hair. Follow the above-mentioned steps to instantly add volume or length to your hair with natural clip-ins.