Most of the people of the 21st century go gaga over hair dyes and highlights. If you are one of those fashion queens, then you are on the right page. The craze of hair dyes and extensions are mostly seen among youngsters and teenagers. All the hair dye lovers come running to the browser only to answer one common question: Can you dye hair extensions? If you are dying to answer the above question, then give the following article a quick read!


Hair Extensions and Hair Dyes

Can you dye hair extensions? Yes! You can always dye hair extensions for swaying with the fashion trends of the 21st century. If you like to put on human hair extensions, things get easier for you when coloring, highlighting or dyeing your hair locks. Hair dyes go best with human hair extensions or Virgin Remy extensions. However, if you try to put on some savage hair dye on artificial extensions, there are high possibilities of the extensions being ruined with no hair dyes. This is because the dye would not set properly on artificial locks. In case you are still in a dilemma regarding dyeing your hair extension, here are a few benefits you might take an interest in:


Easy to use: Hair extensions are easy to put on and dye. If you prefer wearing hair extensions most of the time, you are also free to dye them when they are on your head. Dyed hair extensions not only give you the chance to try on unique colors on yourself but also give you a chance to develop a fashion statement with voluminous, bouncy hairs!


Prevents hair damage:

Some people fear dying their hair to prevent hair damage. It is true to some extent that hair dyes can harm your natural locks and create split ends. If you want t to avoid such terrible hair damages, then it would be convenient for you to dye your hair extensions which would not harm your natural hairs and would not cause any split ends!


Low maintenance:

It is tougher for one to manage naturally dyed hairs in comparison to dyed hair extensions. If you dye your own hair, it will take you a lot of time to maintain them, but it is not so with hair extensions. They come in handy and are on low maintenance!


Exploring new hairstyles:

There are times when you feel like changing your hairstyle with variations of colors. It would become a lot easier and satisfying when you do the same with hair extensions. You can easily show off your hairstyles in vibrant colors without paying the price of hair damage!


Besides these benefits of dyeing your hair extensions, there are two points that you need to keep in mind while diving into the process. The points are as follows:


Avoid Dyeing the Attachment:

Can you do hair extensions? Yes, only by avoiding the taped attachments. When you dye your hair extensions, you must tape the top part of the attachment to avoid dyeing those parts. If you dye the topmost attachment part of your extensions, then there are possibilities of you not being able to use them again!


Verify the quality:

Can you dye hair extensions? Good news for the ladies: yes, you can dye your extensions, but only with human hair. Hair dyes in the 21st century come at good prices. It would not be wise of you to waste those products on fake or artificial hair extensions, which would not probably hold the color for long. The best way to avoid such problems is to verify the quality with the burn technique. If your hair extension burns out immediately, then it is of human hair and fit for dyes. But if those melt, then they are of plastic and not fit for hair dyes!


How to dye hair extensions?

Most people have one common question in mind, can you dye hair extensions? Of course, the answer to the question is yes. But immediately, another question pops up, how? If you want to know how to dye hair extensions, then the following points might enlighten you:


You can wash and clean the hair extensions which have been chosen for dyeing first.

Combing through the hair would make it easier for you to dye them properly.

Once you start applying dye to the hair extensions, you can make sure to apply it starting from the roots to the tips. If you start from the tip to the roots, then your dye might become matted. 

You can keep the dye on the hair extensions from 20-40 minutes according to the instructions given in the product manual. 

Once your dye is all set for washing, you can wash and rinse off the dye, starting from the roots to the ends. 

The best way to dry the dyed hair extensions is to tap and dab them in a warm towel, not with exaggerated rubbing.


The above article has already given you all the answers to your questions, like can you dye your hair extensions. What keeps you waiting? Go and grab your favorite dye for hair extensions today!