Are you wandering why you should pick halo hair extensions instead of going to a salon and have the job done? Well there are many reasons and if you’re still attracted by the idea of having hair extensions done professionally it is just because you don’t feel like you can achieve a good result otherwise, in other words you don’t feel like you could manage that and you’re even willing to pay that extra money for it instead of looking at the options and realizing that there are such easy to apply and luxurious looking hair extensions out there. The salon will never know exactly what you want and what you need as much as yourself. So I’m here today to teach you everything about the best options available for someone who’s looking for a salon-like result, natural looking and well done, with minimum care that doesn’t require too many and complex steps for the daily maintenance, and most importantly is the easiest category of hair extensions to apply for beginners: halo hair extensions.


Let’s start by stating some little differences between temporary and permanent extensions, in other words between what you can do it easily at home and what needs to follow more invasive processes. halo hair extensions are among the temporary ones, in the same category we find also clip ins and ponytails. The permanent hair extensions comprehend processes such as micro beading, sewing and glueing. Easy to understand that we’re talking about way more permanent and damaging types of extensions.


halo hair extensions compared to the other two types within the temporary category are the less invasive and damaging, the easiest to apply and the most natural looking ones, also cause they are the newest ones. Plus it is human hair, so it will be extremely easy to adapt to the feeling and the weight since it’ll be like just having more of your own hair, and also styling and trying out new things with them will be very easy. The highest quality and best option available of halo extensions is remy hair, of course made out of human hair. It doesn’t get fizzy, it blends perfectly with your hair and it is absolutely imperceptible once placed correctly. It takes literally 30 seconds to apply and even compared to the other temporary types of hair extensions your scalp won’t suffer any variation, since it basically doesn’t touch it.


So how does halo hair work? Halo hair are made by attaching the remy hair to a very thin clear nylon wire, the wire will work like a headband so it needs to be placed underneath a string of your natural hair in order to have the best and most natural result, in this way the wire will be hidden by your natural hair and do the job perfectly, adding length and volume. Halo hair is usually suggested for a thin to medium thick type of hair with a length not shorter than shoulder length, in this way the halo hair extensions will blend perfectly with your natural hair, otherwise if your hair is too short it might appear stringy, if you’d like to try out this type of hair extensions anyway it might still work evenly if you try to style them with a little more care, maybe curling them with your natural hair and making sure to use the right products.


The nylon wire is one size fits all, cause of course it needs to be comfortable and it can stretch little to adjust to the different sizes without loosing its elasticity. If you’re wandering about the efficiency of this system and you’re a bit sceptic about the thin wire just remember that it is the best quality hair extensions and they’re made to last, the wire is extremely resistant and it is made to ensure that it locks in position safely, plus it will be the weight of your own hair to help the extensions to keep in place, the weight of it laying on top will indeed keep the extensions stable. You can just move your hair as you would normally do and be sure that everything will stay in place! You can also of course choose among different lengths according to your needs and tastes, from 16 inches to 20 inches and of course among many color and texture variations. Each set weights 100 g for 16 inches and 120 g for 20 inches and one set should be enough to cover the length.

How long do halo hair extensions last? This depends a lot on you and on the attention and care you put into them, they are designed to last around 6 months minimum, of course it is always suggested to use the right products to maintain the extensions, to brush them often to make sure they stay untangled, to always place them back in their box or a similar one and to not wash them often but just when it is really needed. To give a longer life to your halo hair extensions  it is also a good point to not style them too much when already on, the heat of hair straighteners  or curlers might get too close to the halo wire, and since it is nylon it might melt when in contact with direct heat. If taken care of carefully halo hair extensions can last way longer than 6 months without loosing their silky and healthy looking appearance.

 Halo hair

Let’s compare now halo hair extensions and clip in hair extensions within the category of temporary extensions, in this case you will be sure to make the right choice for you knowing all the options available! The main difference between them is that the clip ins are attached to the hair through clips only instead of having the support of the nylon wire. In other words halo extensions are a lower maintenance alterative of the clip ins, they still use a couple of clip wefts to keep the hair in place but is just minimum effort and super easy to do. Halo hair is also preferred for who has a more sensitive scalp or for who knows that would get troubled by putting in place each weft for the clip ins, of course in that case you need to get more careful and dedicate a little bit more time into placing the extensions correctly, while with the halo hair it is way faster. In terms of quality of the hair it is the same, always the best quality human remy hair. Both types of extensions give the same beautiful and luxurious result, the biggest difference lies in the different application and the capability and time required, clip in hair extensions , for example might be better if you have shorten hair, cause they have a more stable system to the scalp.