It’s quite normal to come into the new year with a list of hair goals. You’re doing amazing if you have already listed out ways of ensuring that your hair gets maximum care and attention in 2018. Whether it is retaining length or getting better ends, your hair dreams are valid. We are already a few weeks into January, so don’t get frustrated and throw your hair goals out just yet.

You’ll be surprised to know just how many naturalistas out there dream of longer hair. The issue of length retention cuts across different textures in the natural hair community. So, you are definitely not alone. Now get out that new year hair resolution list and grab a pen. You’re about to get tips on how to achieve your 4C hair goals this year!

Tip 1: Moisturize

It’s common knowledge that, if you want something to grow you have to water it. Well, the same logic/science applies to your 4C hair! To get on your hair moisture journey, you need to start with water before sealing in that water moisture in with hair products. The best sealants to use with water are those that will easily penetrate the hair follicles and scalp without weighing down the hair. Research a lot and find products that work best for your texture.


Tip 2: Watch the Products

As mentioned previously, hair growth is a universal wish. You want to take your ruler to your hair and see gains all the time but we don’t always get what we want, right? The truth is that if you want to gain length and retain it, you have to find some sort of balance. Don’t get too happy with hair products. Yes, as good as some products may be for your hair, a little too much and you end up unwittingly stalling growth. Let your hair breathe sometimes. Go easy on the protein, moisture and styling. Get a great wig and throw it on sometimes to give your hair a break.

Tip 3: Keep Your Hands Out of Your Hair

This might seem funny coming in the same article telling you to finger comb rather than brush your hair, but in this instance, it means you should manipulate your hair less. Your coils are tight, so perpetually styling and manipulating could lead to knots and breakage. Protective styles to the rescue! Not only will protective styles help you switch up your look but they also keep you from fussing with your hair as much. Wigs, braids, twists and Bantu knots are excellent protective styles.


Tip 4: Split Ends are the Enemy

Split ends can stop you from reaching your length goals. This damage begins from the ends of the hair and travels up the shaft, wreaking havoc along the way and leaving you with hair that just won’t grow. As a 4C woman, you may not have to trim your hair as much as people with straighter hair types, but a bi-annual trim can ensure you don’t ever get hit by split ends. Well, if you’re queasy about scissors and trims, you can trim it once a year and still get rid of scraggly ends that usually dampen hair growth efforts.

Tip 5: Section Your Hair Before Washing

You probably know the inside joke that wash days are known to stretch out into wash weekends. First came washing then along came detangling. Detangling a whole mass of hair can turn into a nightmare if you are not very skilled at dealing with tangles. To avoid tangling and shedding, part your hair into sections and braid, then wash and detangle and braid each section again before moving on to the next unwashed braid. This way you keep the hair stretched and under control.

Tip 6: Shedding is Just Your Hair Tring to Tell You Something

If you ever run a comb through your hair and have to rake your strands from the teeth of the comb, then you might have a problem. Now, while mild shedding is normal, if you are ever left standing in a sea of fallen hair when you even so much as touch your hair, that could be a sign that your hair isn’t moisturized enough. This could lead to a problem with growth and length retention, so you’d do well to check that problem stat! Look for hair product with protein if you are prone to brittle hair. Deep conditioners also work because they penetrate the hair shaft for a deeper fix.

Tip 7: Keep Combs Away from Your Hair

Combs can be categorized in the ‘harsh tools’ department. Midshaft splits are inevitable if you comb or brush your hair a lot. 4C hair doesn’t like all that tension, so you may need to limit the use of these hair care tools. Your fingers will work most of the time. Rake your fingers through your hair gently to detangle unless you really need to use a comb for a particular style.

Tip 8: Shrinkage Might Just Deceive You

Being a 4C gal, you’re probably already used to this. One minute your hair is flowing down your shoulders, and the next, it recoils back into itself to become a teeny-weenie afro. You are not alone. However, it’s nothing an overnight stretching can’t fix. Braid, twist or use your curlers to stretch out your hair and bring it as close to its true length as possible.


4C hair can grow long, so don’t let anyone tell you different.